Bengali fish curry recipe Katla Bhapa recipe

Bengali fish curry recipe – Katla Bhapa recipe

Katla Bhapa recipe, a very well known recipe. Many of us love to eat steamed shrimp or steamed hilsa because they do not have a strong odor. When Katla or Rui is steamed, it gives off a faint smell of fish. But the way I make katla bhapa, it doesn’t smell like fish. If so, take a look at the ingredients used to make katla bhapa recipe.

Katla Bhapa recipe Ingredients: -

√ 200 grams of catla fish
√ Mustard oil
√ Onion sprouts 1
√ Ginger – 1 tablespoon of garlic paste
√ Chilli powder should be salted
√ Turmeric powder slightly
√ 2 tablespoons of poppy seeds
√ 2 tablespoons of black mustard or white mustard
√ Raw chilli
√ Salt like that amount
√ 2 tablespoons of sour yogurt (if you do not have sour yogurt on hand but you can make it without sour yogurt)
√ 3 raw chillies

Bengali fish curry recipe Katla Bhapa recipe

How to make this katala bhapa recipe?

Method: –

❤ First heat a pot and add oil.

❤ When the oil is hot, you have to add the onion paste. Now you have to fry the onion well.

❤ If the onion is well fried, it should be given one by one with some ingredients. Ginger – Garlic Paste, a little turmeric powder and chilli powder should be given. Now you have to fry all the ingredients well, so that the raw smell of ginger- Garlic gone.

❤ When all the ingredients are fried, it should be taken down to make steam in the pot.

❤ Then make a very good paste with poppy, mustard, salt and 1 raw chilli with water.

❤ Once all the ingredients are pasted, it should be poured into the container in which it will be steamed. If the material is stuck in the container, it should be washed with water.

❤ Then you have to take sour curd in it. Adding sour curd makes the gravy darker. However, if you do not have sour yogurt, but you can make it. And give 2 teaspoons of raw mustard oil. If you think you need more salt, you can give it at this time.

❤ All ingredients should be well mixed.

❤ You have to give him a piece of fish. Must be mixed with spices.

❤ Now you have to cover the tiffin box because it will be steamed.

To steam, you have to put water in a large pot to heat it, but you don’t need to give too much water. Put the tiffin box in the water. Now you have to cover the water container with a lid. This time it should be 30 minutes. However, the flame must be reduced.

❤ Open the lid after 30 minutes. Then pick up the tiffin box when it is a little cold.

❤ Katla Bhapa recipe is ready.

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