Doi Mach Doi Katla recipe - Bengali fish curry

Doi Mach Doi Katla recipe – Bengali fish curry

Doi Mach Doi Katla recipe is a traditional Bengali recipe. Even it is made at any ceremony home. Apart from katla fish, sour curd is the main ingredient in making katla katla. It is better to have a big Katla fish piece. This recipe can certainly be served with hot rice. But it can be easily made at home. If so, write down the recipe without delay and make it.

Ingredients Doi Mach Doi Katla recipe: -

✔ 4 large pieces of Katla fish,

✔ 1 tablespoon mustard oil,

✔ 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric and chilli powder for light color of gravy,

✔ Salt according to taste

✔ 1 part to 4 parts of 1 teaspoon of sugar,

✔ 1 cup of Curd,

✔ Mix whole cumin seeds and black cumin seeds with 1 part of 4 parts of 1 teaspoon,

✔ Two cloves,

✔ Two cardamoms,

✔ A cinnamon,

✔ 3 green chilli paste,

✔ 1 teaspoon of ginger paste

✔ Cashews – Raisins – Watermelon Seeds paste (2 tablespoons in all).

How to make Doi Mach Doi Katla recipe?

Method: –
➤ First you have to add salt and turmeric to the fish. This should be done about 5-10 minutes before cooking.

➤ Then you have to heat the pan to make Doi Katla recipe.
When the pan is hot, add oil.

➤ When the oil is hot, you have to put the fish.

➤ If you make Doi Katla recipe, you don’t need to fry the fish more red. Again, it should be noted that the fish is not raw. If the fish is well fried, it should be picked up.

➤ Then you have to add cardamom, cloves, cinnamon in fish frying oil.

➤ With a little stirring, add whole cumin seeds.

➤ Now you have to fry ginger paste, raw chilli paste with oil because if the raw smell of ginger-raw chilli remains, it will not be good to eat gravy.

➤ Then you have to beat the curd with a little salt and let it in the pan

➤ After giving curd, turmeric-chilli powder, cashew-watermelon seeds-poppy paste should be given. Let all the ingredients be like 2 minutes.

➤ After 2 minutes, add 2 cups of water, sugar and salt. Salt was given when the curd was beaten, so you have to add the salt according to taste.

➤ When the gravy boils, let it simmer for 3 minutes with the fried fish, but in medium heat.

➤ After 3 minutes, flip the fish pieces and spread a little raw mustard oil on top. Let it be again for about 3 minutes.

➤ Take it down after 3 minutes. Now Doi katla recipe is ready.

Serve with rice.

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